Public’s reluctance to take Covid booster dose is worrying the Bengal government. Public’s reluctance to take Covid booster dose worries Bengal government

Digital Desk, Kolkata. The West Bengal Health Department is worried about the reluctance of people to take booster vaccine doses amid the fresh scare of COVID-19. The data show how the public’s loyalty to the first dose decreased marginally for the second dose and finally to zero in the case of a booster dose.

A state health department official said that more than seven crore people took the first dose, falling short for the second dose. In the case of booster dose, this number came down to just 1.5 crores. However, the famous doctor of the city Dr. Arindam Biswas does not want to blame only the reluctance of the public in this matter.

There is one major reason that has prompted this reluctance and the reason is economic. Unlike the first two doses, money is being taken for the third and booster doses, so people struggling for bread on June 2 preferred to stay away from booster doses.

Now when it comes to the nasal vaccine, the government has introduced it very late, and that too has limited its supply only to private hospitals, Vishwas said. It seems that the government’s campaign to create awareness among the people is also less. So, in my opinion, if the government is really keen it should make the third dose available to the people free of cost.


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