Restrictions on the number of aircraft flying between Ukraine and India were lifted. Restrictions on the number of planes flying between Ukraine and India lifted

Digital Desk, New Delhi. As part of a campaign to bring back Indian students and professionals stranded in Ukraine, the Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday lifted restrictions on the number of flights and seats between Ukraine and India.

Due to the Corona epidemic, India had entered into an air bubble agreement with many countries. Under this agreement, a limited number of aircraft can fly between the two countries. The number of seats in these planes also remains limited. India has also signed this agreement with Ukraine, but in view of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this ban has been lifted. Now apart from the planes, chartered planes can also fly between the two countries.

The Ministry has issued a statement saying, the Ministry has lifted the restriction imposed on the number of aircraft and seats between India and Ukraine in the Air Bubble Agreement.

The ministry informed that Indian airlines have been informed to increase the number of aircraft in view of the increasing demand.

In view of the crisis in Ukraine, the Central Government had issued an advisory to the Indians living there to return home. After this, Indian students living in Ukraine had said about the skyrocketing price of plane tickets and the limited number of planes. According to the report, before 20 February, no aircraft from Ukraine was going to fly to India.


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