Sundar Pichai: Why Google CEO came in discussion about India Pakistan match

India defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match a day before Diwali. Team India won the thrilling match till the last ball at the Melbourne Cricket Ground by 4 wickets. Virat Kohli played a stormy innings for India in the match.

After this victory of Team India, many moments related to the match are becoming viral on social media. Especially the thrill of the last three overs has been shared by many veterans on social media.

India needed 48 runs in the last three overs, this target was not easy at all. But the charisma done by former captain Virat Kohli to convert what was considered an impossible target into victory, is being praised all over.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai wished everyone a Happy Diwali on Twitter. Along with this, he wrote that he is celebrating Diwali by seeing the last three overs again today.

Sundar Pichai tweeted, “Happy Diwali! Hope all those celebrating it have a great time with their friends and family. I celebrated again today by watching the last three overs, what a match!”

tried to troll

He was tried to be trolled by a user named Mohammad Shahzaib on this post. He wrote – You should watch the first three overs.

Sundar Pichai’s reply replied to this user and wrote – He also saw it. What a spell did Bhuvi and Arshdeep cast? Interesting reactions are coming to this answer of Sundar Pichai. One user wrote – ‘Beautiful beating.’ Another user wrote, “Sundar Anna is in form. What a reply.”

Many responded with laughing memes. One user wrote, “This answer made my day.”

Another user shared a screenshot of making Google Chrome the default browser and wrote, “After this answer I uninstalled all my other browsers.”

Responding to Mohammad Shahzaib, an account named India Cricket tweeted, “Don’t lose heart, you are defeated by the Indian CEO of Google.”

Desh Raj Singh wrote “The greatest CEO has an amazing sense of humor.” While Naveen wrote, “Exquisite shot”.

Memes of PM Modi and Imran Khan too

However, Mohammad Shahzaib once again tagged Sundar Pichai and wrote, “I am talking about the innings of the Indian team.”

In response to this, many Twitter users shared different memes. One shared a picture of Indian PM Modi on which it was written, “You guys stop crying.”

Another user shared a picture of former Pakistani PM Imran Khan with the caption, “Aapne nahin nahi hai.”

After this Mohammad Shahzaib made another post. He posted a screenshot of his and Pichai’s Twitter thread and wrote, “After several requests from neighbours, I have decided to frame this picture.”

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